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Environmentally Friendly Paint from Earth Friendly Supplies

Protecting the environment is all about protecting our Earth, Earth Friendly Supplies helps our customers achieve this without compromising the high performance they expect from a quality paint.

Our eco paint range includes 24 standard colours but if you require a specific tint we offer a bespoke tinting service that can accurately reproduce any colour that you want.

Our Eco Range

Earth Friendly Paints are ecologically friendly and economically attractive, high quality emulsion paint.

Ideal for all interior walls and ceilings, including dry plaster, woodchip, vinyl wallpaper and old paint finishes.
High solids content - for excellent coverage
(approx 30 sq/mt per 2.5lt)
Durable - giving a long life
Breathable - allows water vapour through paint film
Low Odour
Quick drying in 2-4 hours

Download our leaflet: Earth Friendly Paints - Overview


Download our leaflet: Earth Friendly Paints - Colour Chart

All colours are available in Matt, Eggshell or Silk finishes.

To show its true colour, a paint needs to be seen in context of the light and shade present in the room in which it is to be used. We therefore recommend you purchase sample pots and test this on the areas you plan to decorate beforehand.

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