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National Reccyling Awards 2010 - Winner

At Earth Friendly Supplies, we specialise in providing our clients with most environmentally friendly decorating products.

We supply both the general public as well as trade and commercial customers

From recycled paint and environmentally friendly thinners to mixing pots and paint trays made from recycled cardboard. We can even supply you with sanding block "seconds" that had been destined for landfill just because they didn't look "perfect". So you can save money and help save the planet.

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With over 20 years experience in the painting and decorating trade, we know first hand how much paint is either stored away, never to be seen again or simply thrown in the skip.

There had to be a better way and on discovering New Life Paints, a recycled paint supplier, we knew we had found the answer.

We then spent a number of months working with them, testing and developing to produce the paints we as Earth Friendly supply today. Paints that our professional decorators use, paints that give the coverage and the finish that our clients demand.

Our retail paints contain a minimum of 90% recycled paint. Our trade paint contains between 50% and 90% recycled paint.

Trade Customers

We offer our trade customers a range of benefits including credit accounts, trade offers and trade discounts.

Simply fill in an online application and we'll get right back to you.


Ask the expert

Got a question with regards to our paint? How we recycle it? What its made up from?

Send our expert a question and he'll get right back to you


Passionate about the Environment

At Earth Friendly Supplies we believe in environmentally friendly paints so much that we ask our customers to help us by spreading awareness and using our eco friendly paint whenever they can.

Our web site includes our own eco paint gauge, which shows the amount of paint we have saved from landfill. We also list all of the companies that have joined our environmental friendly paint revolution and thank them for spreading the word.

Recycled Paint - Make a Difference

Recycling paint is still a relatively new idea and most people have never heard of the process, Do your bit now by spreading awareness and using recycled paint whenever you can.

Help us all make a difference!

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